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Making the process of payments easier for clients and their customers


Innovate 1 Pay is a payment gateway that offers business organizations, government agencies, and individuals the ability to collect their payments in a fast, easy and secure manner. The platform is a hybrid solution enabling payments to be made and received online and offline using credit and debit cards, cash deposits at the bank, and a virtual wallet

  • Fast

  • Easy

  • Secure

Multiple Touch Points

Use of multiple channel offerings ensures collections and payments are done seamlessly

A Platform for all Solutions

Built from the ground up for developing markets with an open API framework to promote multiple integration

Revenue Assurance

Ensures compliance with local, national and international regulations regarding financial services. Client revenue potential quickly realized upon adoption of platform

Easy Settlement

The Innovate 1 Pay relationship with banking partners provides a timely and scheduled deposit of client funds

Cash @Bank

Integration to the banking applications of our partner banks enables the acceptance of cash at the bank’s branches. This facilitates a real-time notification of a customer’s transaction, the effective monitoring of collections, and a reduction in bank reconciliations.

Debit/Credit/ATM Cards

Innovate 1 Pay’s platform is integrated with the world’s leading credit card processors and accepts most major local and international debit and credit cards.

Internet Banking

Innovate 1 Pay’s integration with banks and national payment services provides customers the ability to pay for their transactions through their internet banking application.


We provide USSD capabilities allowing our clients the option to use their mobile phone to make a payment from their USSD enabled bank accounts.

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Transactions Management

Integrating multiple payment channels and types into the Innovate 1 Pay platform enables clients to converge their payment operations to a single platform

Account Management

From the Innovate 1 Pay dashboard, clients can quickly and easily access dynamic reports that can be downloaded or exported in various formats. The reports may be created based on the client’s criteria providing visibility into their transaction history

Dynamic Notifications

The Innovate 1 Pay platform delivers notifications generated by business rules uniquely driven by our client’s preferences. This allows for a tailored and real-time monitoring of transactions, service requests and customer service inquiries